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Come Together
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We dont want to read about Fall Out Boy taking it up the ass from Panic at the Disco!

lol donovan.

In short: This is a community for '60s/'70s band slash. That means stories, drawings, videos, icons, etc. Whatever you can think of, you can post here, as long as it's slashy and.. er.. bandy. We are not srs bsns so you can post anything lulz worthy!

We still strongly encourage you to post your fics to your respective rock communities, of course. We'd just like you to post them here - a catch-all - as well so that we can all get our classic rocks off without having to work too hard for it. Plus, you get more reviews; everyone wins! Except, possibly, John Denver.

We're alright with just about everything, but still we have a couple of rules

1. No furries! Srsly. Xcept 4 teh lulz.
2. Slash only. That means no Mary Sues. Sorry to all of you who wanted to get it on with Bill Wyman, go some place else.
3. Nothing after the 70s. 80s are only okay with bands such as Queen, who weren't having a midlife crisis around that time.
4. Badfic subject to ridicule, goodfic subject to blowjobs from your loving mods.
5. Please place your stories behind a cut.

Us mods are nice. Honestly. No, really. You can trust us. We'll love any kind of story, from torture/rape to comedy.

When you post a story please place the following before the cut.

Title: What's your porn called? ex. Robert Plant...s his seed in Ronnie Wood's Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Very Fine Ass etc.
Author: Name of author (this is you. we hope.)
Cock/Pair-ring: Could be anything, couldn't it? From John Deacon/Charlie Watts (ooh, rock & roll) to Keef Richards/Jimmy Page (knitting sweaters together)
Originally Posted To: Pimp your comm!
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, X, Ew, DNW [do not want], NSFL[not safe for life]. We're not bothered
Warning: Only bother if there's, like, mpreg or Donovan or something else in your story that may srsly squick your less, er, adventurous readers.
Summary: Tell us what it's about before we have our wankfest.
Disclaimer: Tell the world this didn't really happen, or the internets police will track you down and rape you with your favorite Stones LP.

There are some injokes.. mostly about Donovan and his fugly face. Other themes include: David Gilmour being a fatass, Roger Waters' horseface and monstercock, Rod Stewart looking like he's on crack, Ronnie Wood being hot and most of all.. Rick Wright being a pussy. The latter usually includes rape and/or cornflakes. Why? This quote explains the cornflakes bit:

Rick Wright has always been notoriously uptight. “I mean, we used to share a flat together in the early days,” Waters continues, “and he used to lock his fucking cornflakes up in a cupboard with a padlock! How could there not be tension?”

SO, 'what about the rape??' you're thinking. The reason for that is, simply, because it's 100% TRUE FACT.

Our lovely affiliates!

pinkfloydslash - Pink Floyd slash
beatlesslash - Beatles slash
monkeesslash - Monkees slash
a_kiss_away - Rolling Stones slash
the_doors_slash - Doors slash

John Entwistle/Keith Moon. It's made of 100% pure facts!

led zeppelin slash!
- pictures of Queen's cocks. I know; fuckin' awesome.
- You post an app/pictures, and we tell you what rockstar you are. Yesss.

For any questions/complaints/hate mail/fan mail you can always bother siko_k, entropicalia or mooserevenge.

Also, you might notice the background changing all the time. This is mostly entropicalia and mooserevenge trying to top each other (hurhurhur). Or, in non-innuendo speak: try to get on each others tits.

Damn it.

Don't be surprised by what you might see. So far we've had a shitload of rly fugly Donovans, hundreds of laughing Roger Waterseses, Rod Stewarts in undies, Pete Townshends with a huge pink cocks.. and more.

siko_k does not engage in the layout battle, prefering to surprise buttsecks the combatants when they're not looking. And oh, do those slutbags love it...THEY LOVE IT LIKE A FOX. AND YOU WILL TOO.

Actually, siko_k is too much of a Rick Wright-esque pussy assed bitch to engage in layout wars, as she knows both entropicalia and mooserevenge will not agree to anything she ever says and WILL rape her without any explanation given. Not that she needs an explanation, she knows quite well why. That whore.

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