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Open Service

Title: "Open Service"

Pairing David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Rated PG-13 for sexual references.

UK 2000.

David Gilmour is just four days from turning 54 years old. Maybe other than having a little less hair and minor changes in D-Gil's shape DG remains the same in appearance.

The news in the country almost mirrors the US regarding LGBT people in the military.
There is no open service because it "hurts morale". Really? LGBTs have served in the closet no less for years nothing happened to the military. Some servicemembers have filed suit.

DG is a veteran of British rock and is involved in shows like the Meltdown festival. Other than that DG is not touring.

While rehearsing a small show DG discovers Rick Willis is sharing the same hall.
"Hi" DG greeted the fellow musician in an awkward moment of reunion.
"Hadn't seen you in years! Where is Polly?"

"On assignment" replied DG.

"Oh." Rick Willis sighed. They look lost for words--typical of them.

They play some blues and it reaches a bawdy heights. Suddenly Rick Willis reaches around DG's waist.


Yes, DG remembers that tryst pouring it out about Syd Barrett's decline in the process--then DG's recruitment into Pink Floyd. Like the US Marines,the Floyd needed a few good people.

Rock has its DADT, the last time we looked it was years ago.
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Good dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.