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"At the Stroke of Midnight"

Title: "At the Stroke of Midnight"

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Keith Moon and Malu (a fictionalized young fan)

Summary: New Years Eve in Los Angeles County, in the late 1970's

Disclaimer: Fan Fiction.

Malu, age 18 is at a small gathering waiting for the "ball to drop" beginning the new year . Even if the ball is thousands of miles away in Times Square, New York!

Traditionally, the only kiss Malu ever got on New Years was from Malu's step-dad!

Ah, Malu misses the person who made the young adult laugh as well as provide some kick-ass drumming for the Who--until a few months ago...

Suddenly, in the dark emerged a pretty brunette in a gown.
Malu wants to meet her, hello! Do I know you?

Not personally. Look into her eyes. She was Moonie!

Now Malu had tears in hir eyes.

This song runs through Malu's head.

Layla, you got me on my knees, Layla, please ease my worried mind....

Malu finally speaks, "Your kid's name came to me when I had a fever. Damn! I didn't think it would be dead on! Uh,sorry, about that one!"

Moonie tosses her black hair and gives Malu that Moon the Loon grin.

"That's ok, love!"

Moonie sizes up the cute dark youth with the large round exotic eyes.

Malu was thinking "I don't know Moonie personally...
She's never seen me before...

The ball descends, ten, nine eight, seven, six, five, four three, two, one...

This was a decisive moment!

Malu and Moonie were all over each like the proverbial wet suit! Malu's hands were reaching into Moonie's cleavage and Moonie for Malu's shoulders.

It is 1979!

Malu and Moonie have a New Year's liplock! Malu's first! However, Moonie has a history of screwing first and ask questions later!

They whirl across the floor to the Beach Boys "I Get Around"

They both say "Happy New Year!".

Moonie fades into the dark morning and these parting words:

"We will meet again... soon."

One year later.

Malu and Moonie were whirling across the floor again on New Year's Eve to "Rapper's Delight".
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